Alocasia ‘Mickey Mouse’ aka Xanthosoma sagittifolium 'Variegatum Monstrom'

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Alocasia ‘Mickey Mouse’ is a multi color variegated tropical. The overall height can get to 6'. Can be grown indoors or outside in zone 8-10. We grow ours in the ground here in zone 9b and if we have a cold winter the leaves will die back and come back in the spring. They can take morning sun for several hours, leaves will scorch or may need to be watered more often if placed in full sun.

Pictures are of actual plants available your plant will be chosen from. These are rooted in a 4” pot however they will be bare root shipped unless arrangement is made to ship with pots which may incur higher shipping costs due to package size and weight increase. Alocasia can be finicky and may experience some leaf loss during shipping.

All our plants are grown outside or in greenhouses therefore leaves may show some environmental imperfections.

White spotting on leaves is residual from neem oil spray used to control insects, mites and fungus.

If you have a question about availability of a specific plant shown above you are welcome to message us through the website, Facebook, Instagram or at cteponline@gmail.com before making your plant purchase.