Gymnocalycium Cactus

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Gymnocalycium Cactus have awesome rainbows of color mixed with green hues throughout the plant. These are planted in a airy soil and kept in a part sun/morning sun only situation. More sun tends to dull the colors a bit. We water appropriately once per week or when soil is dry. We fertilize monthly with a slow release granular.

Pictures are of plants available your plant will be chosen from. These cactus were blooming when the pictures were taken. There is no guarantee you will receive a blooming plant.

All plants are grown outside therefore leaves may show some environmental imperfections.

White spotting on leaves is residual from Neem oil spray used to control insects, mites and fungus.

If you have a question about availability of a specific plant shown above you are welcome to message us through the website, Facebook, Instagram or at cteponline@gmail.com before making your plant purchase.