Albo Variegated Monstera

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Albo Variegated Monstera are highly sought after rare and collectible plant. We keep ours growing in bark mix soil with high humidity and a trellis or support to crawl up for best fenestration. We fertilize monthly with a slow release granular fertilizer at about half the packaging's recommended dose. For pest and disease treatment, monthly we treat with either spray or systemic. Our plants are not tissue cultured...they are rooted off mother plants into their own pot until they are ready for their new home.

Pictures are of actual plants available your plant will be chosen from.

All plants are grown outside therefore leaves may show some environmental imperfections.

White spotting on leaves is residual from neem oil spray used to control insects, mites and fungus.

If you have a question about availability of a specific plant shown above you are welcome to message us through the website, Facebook, Instagram or at cteponline@gmail.com before making your plant purchase.